Women’s Ministry

{What is Flourish?}

Join us on a mentoring journey that will lead to:
> Developing a daily practice of spending time with God.
> Connecting with a wiser woman, and studying God’s Word together.
> Engaging with spiritual concepts such as identity, calling, and more.
> Considering how the stories of individuals (like ourselves!) fit into the larger redemption story God is writing.

This new Bible Study initiative is for all women of Apostles.  Small group gatherings will begin the second week of September.  Contact Ann Dotson {ann@apostles-raleigh.org} for questions or to sign up!


Make a new connection each month and get to know some of the amazing women at this church. Here is how it works: you are given the name of someone new to meet with each month. The two of you connect and come up with a time to meet. It could be a meal, coffee, a play date – whatever works! // Contact Ann Dotson, Director of Women’s Ministry, for details or to sign up.  Email Ann