L-R: Meghan, Kevin, Nick

Meet our new Senior Pastor, Nick Comiskey! We are so excited to welcome Nick and Meg to Apostles and to Raleigh!

Nick Comiskey
Senior Pastor
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Eric Bolash
Associate Pastor
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Lee Hilts
Executive Director
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Lauren Mann
Director of Next Generation Ministries
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Ann Dotson
Director of Women’s Ministry
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Ryan Walker
Interim Worship Leader &  Vine Coordinator
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Emily Gebbie
Co-Director of Student Ministry
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Hayes Thielman
Co-Director of Student Ministry
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Ashley Crutchfield
Raleigh Fellows Director
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Laynette Rustin
Financial Administrator
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Laura Witter
Communication & Building Administrator
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Marsha Whyte
Administrative Assistant
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Julie Tisdale
Missions Coordinator
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