Leadership Council

Our church is led by the senior pastor, who is assisted by the Leadership Council.  The Leadership Council is responsible for the business and legal affairs of the church.  It also  serves as an advisory council to the senior pastor in matters of ministry and big picture issues facing the church.  In addition, it assists and evaluates the senior pastor’s implementation of overall annual and long term strategies for the church.


The Leadership Council consists of nine (10) members including the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor shall be a member of the Leadership Council ex oficio. Leadership Council members serve a term of three (3) years. | Contact: leadershipcouncil@apostles-raleigh.org

Jane Barnes
Bryon Boulton
Cissie Cargill
Hunt Davis | Junior Lay Leader
Rev. Nick Comiskey | Senior Pastor
Michael Mangum
Frank Shell | Senior Lay Leader
Ben Smith
Jim Whited | Treasurer
Barbara Wilson