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Join us for this 5-week study, Tribes and Tongues: Exploring the Bible’s Teaching on Ethnic Diversity. We want to cast a wide net and appeal to a positive vision of the kingdom of God, including people of every tribe, tongue, and nation. {Revelation 7:9-17} If our vision of the kingdom includes every tribe and tongue, how do we get there from here? Let’s think about what’s beautiful about our own ethnic diversity, what’s broken about it and how God can heal and restore us as groups of people, not just as individuals. Forum will meet in the sanctuary at 10am beginning on 9/12.

FALL 2021
Session I
 | Tribes + Tongues: Exploring the Bible’s Teaching on Ethnic Diversity
Session II | Developing A Personal Rule of Life

Session I
 | Anglican Christian Life
Session II | The Body + Sexuality
Session III | Spiritual Friendship: Two together with Christ as Lord