Apostles 2032

We believe God has given us clear direction for the next ten years of our life together: to be a community in midtown Raleigh that serves as a hub of spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal. This effort has three primary components:

Spiritual Renewal
Our discipleship plan helps people follow Jesus through life’s highs and lows. The vibrancy of our community has resulted in hundreds of people making a new or renewed decision to follow Jesus. We have three worship services every Sunday and getting a seat is never assured. 

Relational Renewal
We’ve become a more diverse and unified community that is deeply interwoven into each other’s lives. People from every walkable neighborhood that surrounds our building are part of our church family, and we’ve linked arms with other believers in Jew-and-Gentile-like peacemaking in our city. 

Cultural Renewal
We’ve made a significant investment to beautify and expand our facilities. Enhancing our property was not an end in itself but has created a revolving door for friends from every surrounding community to attend concerts, take classes, make friends, play, and experience Jesus.