Adult Sunday School

Winter/Spring 2020 Sunday School begins on January 26 at 10:00AM.  These adult classes are open to 11th + 12th grade students.

Essentials Membership Class | Room 201
Considering membership at Church of the Apostles? Want to learn more about who we are? Join us for our new membership program, Essentials.

Screens and Teens | Room 203
Good news! It is possible to use screens well and to keep them from becoming our kids’ entire world. This class, through video and discussion, will offer a theology of technology, tips for discipling kids with their screens, and more.

Loving Our Neighbors | Room 204
An expert in the Jewish law asked Jesus a good question: “Who is my neighbor?” We struggle to love our neighbors because of social, cultural and ethnic differences and live in a world deeply divided and broken along those same lines. Through Bible study, guest speakers, and personal stories, we will explore answers to this question as we seek to grow in our love for others.

Translating the Gospel | Sanctuary
Paul taking the Gospel to the Greek world.  How do you take a thoroughly Jewish story of redemption and translate it into the Greek culture.  We have the same opportunity today!

Adult classes are held in the upstairs classrooms {Rooms 201-205} and Sanctuary.  Children’s classes are held in downstairs classrooms {+208} and nurseries.  Middle and High School classes meet in the upstairs youth rooms.