Bio – Chris Hendricks

Chris Hendricks – Director Student Ministry
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I was born in Dallas, TX and grew in up a suburb of Dallas called Cedar Hill. I grew up playing basketball, baseball and roller hockey. I dreamed of playing in the NBA or working for Disney’s Pixar. When I was 10 years old I gave my life to Christ at camp in my hometown. Once I entered middle school, I got plugged into the youth group and was very involved as a student leader, playing bass guitar on the worship team or helping out in the kids ministry as a camp counselor. In 2005 I graduated high school and began attending Dallas Baptist University. While at DBU, I worked as an RA and in the marketing department as a photographer. I graduated from DBU in 2009 with a BA in Communications: Print Graphics and minor in Biblical Studies.

After college I wrestled with pursuing a Master’s degree in Visualization at Texas A&M, art school in California, or attending seminary out of state. I also was interested in professional sports photography, because my last semester of college I had an internship with NBA sports photographer. All summer I was undecided, but mid-summer I ended up deciding to move to North Carolina to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He provided free housing (less than five minutes from the seminary!) with a family whose son was a friend of mine at DBU.

After my first semester of seminary, I wrestled with moving back to Texas, but during a chapel message I was to find a place to serve in the church and to begin discipling someone. Immediately following the inspiration chapel message, I began leading a 5th grade and 11th grade guys small group at Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh, NC where I was attending. A couple of weeks later, I began as a part-time Pre-teen and Middle school coordinator.

At the end of 2010, I met my wife Heidi at a Christmas party. I had a beard and I was wearing a Christmas sweater with a polar bear on it! She wasn’t sure if I was being serious or trying to be funny. I was trying to be both. Either way it worked, and I ended proposing on 11/11/11 at 11:11am by surprising her while on a break at work, playing and singing “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” by the Beach Boy on my guitar. She said “yes.” In 2012 we got married, I graduated seminary and got brought on staff at Crossroads Fellowship as the middle school pastor. In 2014 God called me to Church of the Apostles to be the Apostles Student Ministry Director.

At the beginning of 2016, Heidi and I welcomed a sweet, beautiful little girl into the world named Elora (which means God is light). We chose this name because we want it to be a reminder for her and others to be a light in the world reflecting the Light in the World, Jesus. My desire is to see many students, their friends and others in the community come to know and grow in Christ. My hope is that Apostles Student Ministry would be a place that is formative to faith, fun and like a family for many students, their friends and families.