Adult Sunday School

Spring 2018 Sunday School begin on January 21st at 10:00AM

Beyond ColorblindLed by Robin Bolash, Jessie Nordstrom & various guests
In this class, we will seek to understand and engage Biblical multi-ethnicity through teaching, group discussion, and Bible study. What does God say about multi-ethnicity, and how might we as Christians work for redemption in our world? Presented by the Vine but open to all.

Exploring Cultural Contexts of the Bible  Led By John Farwell
This class will include discussions on various topics, Ray Vander Laan videos and class suggestions.

Right In Their Own Eyes: Judges StudyLed by Jay Traylor
The book of Judges shows so much of peoples’ depravity and failing when they try to be the ultimate authority.  But it’s a wonderful look at what happens when people try to live lives apart from God. And, as the rest of the Bible does, it points us to our need for a deliverer and a savior; it points us to Christ. Come join us for a survey of this gross, delightful, troubling, hilarious, humbling, Christ-focused book of the Old Testament.

Prepared to Give An Answer: Sharing Jesus with PeopleLed by Eric Bolash
We know there is no other name under heaven by which people can be saved, and we long for those around us to know it. This class will explore what it means for us to take the gospel out into the world.


Adult classes are held in the upstairs classrooms {Rooms 201-205}.  Children’s classes are held in downstairs classrooms and nurseries.  Middle and High School classes meet in the upstairs youth rooms.