Adult Sunday School

We are committed to helping people grow in their knowledge and understanding of God. To help you do this, we offer Adult Sunday School classes during the school year on Sunday mornings at 10 AM.

Winter/Spring 2017 Adult Sunday School Classes {Beginning January 22)
Faith of Our Father – Learning About God From His Call To Abraham ~ Led by Frank Bartolini & Eric Oltman

Abraham’s call may seem far removed from your own, yet there’s much we can learn from it. During our time together we’ll explore Genesis 12-25, seeing the beautiful tapestry of redemptive history woven in the life of a man called to glorify God and bless others. Spoiler alert: expect a few ups and downs along the way!

Three Letters, One Gospel ~ Led by Gary Greene
We will dive into Philippians, Colossians and James together, which will involve your own reading and prep during the week in advance of Sunday. The beauty of this is that we’ll cover a lot of New Testament ground over a short period of time, and we’ll get to see recurring kingdom themes that surface in God’s word.

Christian Spiritual Formation and Soul Care ~ Led by Mary Vandel Young, Frank Shell, Amy Elder, Mary Zimmerman
Through Ruth Haley Barton’s book, Sacred Rhythms, John Ortberg’s book Soul Keeping, as well as JourneyMates™ resources, this class will guide us into classic prayer practices and disciplines that God may use to nourish and transform our life in him. We’ll learn and practice disciplines of Silence, Lectio Divina, Listening Prayer, Examen, and Fasting.

The Blood of Saints – The Lives of Christian Martyrs ~ Led by Eric Bolash
Being a Christian has not always guaranteed a safe life. We will look each week at the lives of men and women who gave up their lives as people of faith, and seek to learn from their discipleship.

If you have any questions about Adult Sunday School, please contact Eric Bolash.